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News Block

The news widget allows you to quickly add news and informational items to your page in a visually pleasing format.
News Block

The news widget allows you to quickly add news and informational items to your page in a visually pleasing format without requiring that you generate underlying HTMLcode.

You can use the widget to publish news, and even include other information like press releases, articles, photos, slideshows, and even videos.

When you want to add a news widget to a page.

Click on the news widget icon.

Select the layout you want to use from the "previews"

The widget is added to your page.

Click the Edit button to modify your content

Title field is the name you want to give the widget. The toggle controls if the title is displayed on your web page.

News items have dates for sorting. Toggle publication date if you do not want the date displayed.

Wrapper class -is a techie term for how the content will be displayed. Select if you want the content size to be limited by its parent container, or stretched to the full-screen width.

News display order - defines the order of the news items on the page. The latest news can be published on top or vice versa.

Display style provides a selection of four different layouts - Selections are horizontal with image, horizontal without image, vertical with image or vertical without image.

Number of news per page provides a selection of the number of news items displayed on the page.

Background Color allows the selection of the background around the news block.

List of news is where the individual news items are added to the news widget.

Click add button. The New item form opens. Populate the fields you need

Select Publication date

Select an image, or upload an image using the File Manager.

Enter the text you want displayed to the user if they cannot display the image.

Add optionally type a button caption and URL link to allow your site visitors to click on a link button displayed on the news article.

When editing is complete, click the Add button again.

Repeating these steps will add additional news items.

Currently displayed is a news widget with four news articles.

The order of news items in the news item list can be changed by clicking and dragging.

A block can be previewed before saving by clicking on the "live preview" button at the bottom of the page. Here is a sample preview of the page with the news widget.

To help understand how simple it is to modify the layout, Let's change the widget's setting for display type to vertical with images.

Previewing the changes displays the same news articles in a different layout.

Always remember to click the Save button.

Thank you for watching the video.