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Video Block Widget

You can add videos from YouTube to your store page to demonstrate your product, share video tutorials for your product, or for any purpose you deem appropriate.
Video Block Widget

The Video widget allows you to quickly add YouTube videos to webpages in a visually pleasing format without requiring that you generate the underlying HTMLcode.

Select the layout you want to use from the Video Widget "preview" drop down,

Layout options include displaying the video without any corresponding text or titles with the video centered between the page borders.

or displaying a video with a corresponding title and a text block and optional call to action button. The video can be displayed to the left or right of, or centered with corresponding text.

The Video Widget is added to the page and displayed on the left side of the page editor in the list of "Your Widgets."

Click the Edit button to modify your content.

Title contains the name that is displayed in your widget list and can optionally be displayed on the page with the video

The show toggle controls if the title is displayed on the web page.

Wrapper class is a techie term for how the content will be displayed.

Select if you want the content size to be limited by its parent container, or stretched to the full-screen width.

Background Color allows the selection of the background color around the Video block.

The Content dialog contains the text or HTML that should be displayed along with the video.

Insert the text or HTML in the Content dialog.

In the Video field insert the URL link for the video.

Select the Video position relative to the text content from the Position dropdown. Options are: Left. Right. or Center.

Optionally select to show a call to action button that will be displayed with the video using the "show button" toggle.

If the show button toggle is enabled, add the button caption.

And add the button's URL link.

Preview the page before saving by clicking on the “Live Preview” button.

Here is a sample preview of the page with the Video widget.

Always remember to Click the Save button.

Thank you for watching this help video.