What do you get?

  • Opportunity to be approved for direct eCommerce sales on the Manufacturer's hosted Electronic Parts Catalogs.

  • Access to thousands of end users looking up OEM parts on to the manufacturer's EPC.

  • Participation in the manufacturer's EPC direct eCommerce program according to the manufacturer's terms and rules.

  • Ability to list the OEM parts that you stock and / or agree to fulfill orders for along with parts pricing and shipping options for your eCommerce sales.

  • Immediate payment for all completed parts sales though your selected payment provider.

  • Notification of eCommerce parts orders and an order management dashboard.

  • Selection of shipping options for UPS FedEx, USPS and ability to configure shipping options. (USPS, UPS and FedEx are supported.)

  • Option to enable complete eCommerce website for sales outside the manufacturer's EPC

  • High online conversion rates and lower customer acquisition cost with manufacturer sponsored program